Symptoms of Boron Deficiancy

  • Uniform yellowing of terminal leaves
  • Poor development of internodes
  • Death of growing points


"Eight field tests at eight locations have shown conclusively that boron is needed for high yields, good quality, and maintenance of stands of alfalfa. An adequate supply of boron not only is important for yield, but is necessary for high-quality hay. Alfalfa with insufficient boron will become yellow or chlorotic." 1

"When alfalfa is grown on Virginia soils which are deficient in boron, the alfalfa plants are yellowish, produce low yields, and recover slowly after they are cut for hay. Boron applications increased the yields during the spring by 25%, 80% for the second cutting and 63% for the third cutting." 2

1- Boron Requirements of Crops in Alabama, Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 305, March 1957
2- Blaser, R.J. "Boron for Forage Crops" Better Crops with Plant Food, Feb. 1952, p. 11.

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