Symptoms of Boron Deficiancy

  • Fruit becomes corky
  • Lesions appear on fruit
  • Die-back on limbs


"Bitter-pit is associated with boron metabolism of the plant, and it can be effectively reduced by boron sprays. Boron sprays applied during the blossoming period resulted in the following:

a. Significant reduction of the percent of fruits showing deep-pit and the number of deep-pits per fruit at harvest as well as the development of deep-pit in stored fruits.

b. Striking development of good red color and smooth finish.

c. Reduced skin cracking." 1

1- Dunlop, Donald, Thompson, Arthur. "Effect of Boron Sprays on the Development of Bitter-Pit in the York Imperial Apple, Bulletin A-102. Univ. of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station.

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