BoraSol-WR™ is a water repellant for the wood preserver’s incorporation into their UC2 applications.  This formulation is prepared for customers who want water beading  for an extra selling point with minimal additional cost.  It is compatible with all copper based formulations.

BoraSol-WR™ is a micronized paraffinic wax that has excellent bonding capabilities with copper based preservatives and has complete compatability with a wide range of solution pH's.
The material is blended into the pressure treatment solution at a 1% loading for best results.  The wood preservative and the wax are deposited in and on the wood in one step.  The wax provides a water repellant surface with no gloss and a non-slip characteristic. The .1 micron average size of the wax gives a long lasting mixture in the treatment solution storage tank. 

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