Borates are Economical!

50% percent of all new construction is in areas of significant termite pressure and mold risk.

Homeowners spend over $2 Billion in remediating termite and decay damage to their homes every year. Chemical barriers for termites in the soil will degrade over time and can be compromised. Regular inspections are often ignored or simply forgotten.

A Home soil pretreatment can easily cost between $500 and $1000. Many gallons of powerful chemicals are sitting below a house in the early construction. When that chemical barrier fails in time or other compromising event and termites gain access to a home, remediation can easily cost another $700-$1400. Termites can also infest a house through attic vents by their swarming behavior in springtime when establishing new colonies.

Mold will grow wherever the 3 “w”s occur, that is, Water (or high humidity), Warmth and Wood (cellulosic food). Allergic reactions and mycotoxins can also originate from indoor mold growth.

A home built with lumber that is pressure treated with a mixture of Borates and a moldicide will protect the entire house indefinitely. This treatment will add about 2% to the cost of a new home. For a 2000 sq.ft. home the framing cost increased $3,036 (LA Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry, 9/2000). The treatment does not degrade with time, allows no areas that can be breached by the termites or ants and is non-toxic to humans.

Borate protection for your home will never sleep.

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