What is the “Complete Wood Treatment Solution?”

BoraSol-WP® and BoraSol-MC™  can be mixed together in one solution for application to surfaces for protection from Wood Rot, Insect attack and surface mold protection.  It is most often used for remedial jobs in areas of a house that has had slow water leaks and has moldy rotting wood, most often found in basements or kitchens and bathrooms.
How do you make the Complete Wood Treatment Solution?

1. One bag of BoraSol-WP® will make one gallon of a 15% solution.  Empty the complete bag of BoraSol-WP® into 3.5 quarts of warm/hot tap water and mix well until all the powder is dissolved.  A clear solution will result. (A 2 gallon bucket will work very well with the vigorous stirring that is required.  Do Not Mix inside a 2 gallon garden sprayer as it is difficult to monitor the dissolution processes. Any undissolved material may plug the spray tip.)
2. Carefully unwrap the bottle filled with the BoraSol-MC™ from its packing. 
3. Add the BoraSol-MC™ from the bottle slowly into the BoraSol-WP® solution with vigorous stirring .  The solution will clear when the BoraSol-MC™ addition is complete. Top off the liquid level of one gallon with water and mix thoroughly.   There should be no lumps or particles so that the solution can pass through the tip of a sprayer.
4. Load the uniform solution into a sprayer and apply at a rate of one gallon/200 sq.ft. of UNPAINTED and UNFINISHED surface.  It is best to make two or three separate applications.  Apply the solution to the point of runoff. Allow the solution to soak into the wood and wait 10 minutes before applying a second or third coat.  (Oftentimes, the raw wood will accept the BoraSol- WP® more readily if the wood is sprayed with water to increase the internal moisture content an hour before the BoraSol-WP®/BoraSol-MC™ solution is applied.)
5. If after the solution has been applied and the drying process is complete, a white film may appear.  If so, gently spray the surface with clean water.  Dry wood needs water in order to absorb the BoraSol-WP® and to allow it to diffuse into the deep layers of the wood for complete protection.  Do not spray the wood with heavy streams of water as it will wash off the applied material.  Gentle washing will help subsequent paint treatments’ adhesion. 

6. When the surface is dry (allow at least 24-48 hours) and has no visible residues of BoraSol-WP®, the surface may be sealed with any permanent coating which will repel rain or other water sources and prevent the removal of the BoraSol materials in outdoor applications.

How Do Borates and Fungicides Work Together?

Borates, which are effective against termites, are usually loaded into wood at either 0.17 lbs/cu.ft. (pcf) or 0.25 pcf for  non-Formosan (e.g. Subterranean) and Formosan termites respectively.  Borates are also a mild defense against many types of fungi (mold, mildew, algae) as well.  When borates are mixed with small amounts of organic fungicides, the overall affect is amplified.  That is, smaller amounts of the fungicide are required in order to be effective.  Where 400 ppm of an organic fungicide would be required by itself to combat mold, only 100 ppm or even 40 ppm of the same fungicide in conjunction with borate at it’s “normal” termite level, will be effective.  Also, the mixture will be effective against larger numbers of species of mold.  (There are hundreds of thousands of species of mold.)
BoraSol-WP® is approved for use in combination with other EPA approved fungicides.

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