Complete Wood Protection against:

  • Wood Borers
  • Wood Rot
  • Molds
  • Mildew
  • Algae

Homeowners and Remodelers can benefit from the BoraSol-WP® and BoraSol-MC™ when used together. The BoraSol-WP® will protect wood from the inside against wood borers and wood rot. The BoraSol-MC™ will protect wood on the surface from molds, mildew and algae. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are most susceptible to damage from insects, wood rot and mold. Attic roofs, especially in roofing valleys can leak and undergo damage over time. Saving mildly infected wood can eliminate costly major structural replacement jobs. In all cases the source of any water leak must be resolved before any remedial work is performed.

Houses that have had catastrophic bad water events (floods, broken pipes, etc.) should use the mix of BoraSol-WP® and BoraSol-MC™ to prevent reoccurring mold when new wallboard is applied. The empty wall cavities can spawn new mold growth. Mold does not need light for growth. Foreclosed homes are candidates for mold damage. Remediation needs to be performed properly so as to avoid future health problems. Moldy wood can be a health threat from allergens that can affect sensitized persons. Asthmatics are more susceptible to these allergens. HVAC duct work can harbor mold and spread the allergens continuously.

Pest Control Operators can benefit from the combined use of BoraSol-WP® and BoraSol-MC™ by applying the mix on surfaces in crawl spaces, which are notorious for damp conditions, and insect attacks. Pretreatments for supplemental protection around house perimeters and bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas are target areas on new construction. Smart home owners will recognize that a penny spent will save dollars later.

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