Sap Stain Control

BoraSol-SSC™ for Sap Stain Control

BoraSol-SSC™ (sap stain control) is for treatment of green freshly harvested lumber  for the control of mold, mildew and fungus before the logs can be processed at the saw mill.  It can be applied by either spraying or dipping.  Dilute BoraSol-SSC™ 1 gallon to 25 - 100 gallons of water for best results. 

For best results, apply BoraSol-SSC™ to debarked logs.  Apply to freshly milled wood immediately after processing.  

Mold spores will start growing quickly with the presence of fresh sugars on the fresh cut surfaces.

Seasonal variation in storage, species and condition of the logs must be considered in the selection of the dilution ratio. For  maximum effect against infection by mold and fungi, treat immediately upon cutting.  Do not delay application.  Treat all surfaces

Treated wood must be protected from all rainfall by storage under a roof  in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.  Wear a N-95 respirator filter when working in close quarters with no ventilation.

BoraSol-SSC™ is available in 5 and 55 gal containers.  

Don't ruin a perfectly cut piece of timber by ignoring treatment with BORASOL-SSC™!

SDS Label


5 Gallons
product #SSC05
Sap Stain Control

Sap Stain Control Product - 5 Gallons

Good for 1,000 sq ft.



55 Gallons
product #SSC55
Sap Stain Control

Sap Stain Control Products - 55 Gallons

Good for 11,000 sq ft.



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