Wood Preservation

BoraSol-WP®For Industrial Wood Treaters Only

BoraSol-WP® - for protection of wood and cellulosic materials against wood destroying insects and wood decay fungi.  More Information |  Technical Data Sheet

BoraSol-WP® Plus- For Industrial Wood Treaters Only

BoraSol-WP® Plus is a concentrated EPA approved moldicide that can be used with BoraSol-WP®.  This solution provides excellent long term mold protection for wood surfaces in weather protected locations even with occasional wetting. More Information .......

BoraSol-WR™ - For Industrial Wood Treaters Only

BoraSol-WR™ - a water repellant for the wood preserver’s incorporation into their UC2 applications.for repelling water off the surface of wood. More Information  |  Technical Data Sheet

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