BoraSol-WP® Plus - For Industrial Users Only

Building with the BoraSol-WP® Plus wood process will protect your home against mold and decay for the lifetime service of your house. The small cost for this prevention can easily offset the cost of repair and replacement efforts from damages.

Advantages of BoraSol-WP® Plus Wood

  • Inexpensive - adds less than 2% to the cost of the home
  • Lifetime residential limited warranty
  • Easy to work with as it inhibits corrosion and requires no special fasteners

BoraSol-WP Plus Usage Instructions

  • Can get wet during construction and not lose effectiveness
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and will not volatilize into the environment
  • Even if BoraSol-WP® Plus wood gets wet, mold will not grow.

The University of Arizona recently studied 160 homes in seven cities around the USA. Every home studied had mold somewhere.
(George Couch, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI.)

Mold grows on wood within 48 hours of getting wet

Sources of moisture for mold growth:

  • Condensation from HVAC system
  • Excessive humidity in basements or attics
  • Leaking basements
  • Unventilated crawl spaces
  • Sprinkler systems that spray on foundations

"An once of Prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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