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"Dear Sirs:

I used your Borasol MC on my sidewalk to remove algae and mold built up over several years. I mixed it according to instructions, applied with a sprayer, and waited for results. Several weeks later, my sidewalk was clean and bright with a noticeable difference between the treated and untreated sections. It took no more effort than to just spray it on, which beats renting a pressure washer and spending several hours spraying the sidewalk. I plan to purchase more product to treat my roof.

Thank you very much."

R.B., Akron, OH

"I just wanted to write in and let you know that the Borasol WP with mold control worked great for us! The first few logs that we had peeled for use in our log cabin were treated with another brand borate, but they did not have mold control available, and those logs got a lot of mold on them.

I had looked into Boracare with mold control, but it was too expensive--
Then I found Borasol WP with mold control, for a much lower price, and tried it on the next few logs that we peeled. These logs have no mold on them, and look great! They will also be protected from bugs and fungus due to the borate.

I am very happy with the product, and the low price, and especially the great service I have received from you. Thanks for taking the time and care to help me get exactly what I needed for the job."

Angela B. - Portland, OR

Pictures taken by Angela B.



Treated with BoraSol-WP® Plus

Treated with BoraSol-WP® Plus


"My order arrived promptly and in good condition. It had clear directions and was easy to use. Thank you." 

 Virginia Woodrow

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